Startup Solutions

Are you looking to start up a new business?

We provide a complete package including a company Logo, Business Cards, a Website and more. Make sure your business starts off on the right foot by portraying a professional image from the start.

 Items recommended, please choose what you need below:

  1. Logo & Identity 
  2. Business cards
  3. Email signature
  4. Stamp , Letterhead setup in Word format
  5. Domain name registration
  6. Email & Web hosting
  7. Corporate profile 
  8. Holding page for domain – while we are busy designing your website
  9. Website design – we can start small and build up later if needed
  10. Social Media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram  / Snap chat / WhatsApp / LinkedIn setup
  11. Social media management & Post design 
  12. Emailer template & Signature design
  13. Office branding, Signages, Vehicle branding
  14. Promotional gifts and clothing
  15. Pop Up & Pull up banner – can easily be carried around
  16. PowerPoint template for presentations
  17. Posters / Flyers / Brochures / Fact sheets / Folders
Start up