Logo design trends of 2022


Every year, new trends and aesthetic directions emerge and fade in the field of logo and graphic design. As we have seen in recent years, design trends can be transient or long-lasting. Let’s start with the key logo design trends for 2022.


Typography as a shape

Wordmark logos will be extremely important for organisations and brand logo design projects in 2022, but they will take on a new form, combining typography and shapes in a harmonic way to create a one element logo. Typically, wordmarks are made up of typography, but with this trend, we will see a variant of wordmarks that include forms as part of the typography, resulting in creative and unique logo design projects.

  • 90’s Nostalgia

The ’90s nostalgia trend in logo design will be hot in 2022 for firms that want to express bright, rebellious, and energetic feelings. As the ’90s make a comeback in 2022, it means brilliant colour palettes, abstract geometry, and bold font combinations to create energetic and vibrant logos..

 The ‘90s will be a huge logo design trend in 2022 and with it we will see many brands looking to attract the viewer’s attention and getting experimental with bright colour palettes and abstract geometry.


  • White Space Logos Mixed With Images

It’s not uncommon to see firms experimenting with their logos and merging them in a more coherent way with their branding aspects in 2022; also, using white space or negative space in logo design is a popular strategy for transmitting unconscious thoughts in an artistic way.

However, by 2022, white space will have evolved and designers will use it with imagery in mind to create versatile and responsive brand logos that can be customised depending on the needs of the brand at the time.

  • Experimenting With Thickness

In 2022, we will see typography design go a step further, with designers experimenting with fonts and pushing boundaries. We can see this reflected in logo design, firms using thin and thick lines for their brand logos, violating all typographic standards.

Experimenting with thickness will be a significant logo design trend in 2022 to create a dynamic vibe and forward-thinking vision, generating more complicated typographic designs, especially on font-heavy logos. Be noticeable, especially on font-heavy logos.

  • Outlined Logos

Outline logos will be a large logo design trend for firms searching for a simple and clean look, thanks to the increasing popularity of flat design aesthetics.

Many brands will opt for a more subtle and light visual identity in 2022, and the outlined logo design style is ideal for a watermark or small icon logos, and with the growing popularity of motion graphics and logo design animation, these types of logos are much easier to animate and obtain an elegant and modern brand.

  • Stretching The Letters

Stretching typefaces is usually one of the biggest no-nos when it comes to graphic and logo design, but 2022 is a year of breaking the rules and experimenting for some designers, and stretching letters will be a prominent logo design trend in 2022. 

Designers and brands want to give their logos an infinite feeling with these effects. This trend will be applied in various forms, and most of them will only stretch some letters of the logo to create an empathise feeling on those letters.


  • Layered Logos

We’ve seen logo designers get creative and experiment with shapes, fonts, geometric forms, and colours to create eye-catching and modern corporate logos during the previous year, which is why layered components in logo design will be a significant trend in 2022.

We can see that in 2022, legibility is taking a back seat for some designers, which will lead to more creative and interesting logo projects. With this logo trend, we will see colour and pattern changes in brand logos with text interruption, and this trend will be combined with other design trends such as typographic experimentation.

  • Blurred Logos

Usually, company logos should be easily readable to keep the brand much easier to memorise, but in 2022, this will not be the major priority for certain designers experimenting with shapes and movement.

As a result, in 2022, blurred logos will be a significant trend among more experimental firms and designers focused on movement and fluid logos. This trend will be used in a variety of ways to keep the logo legible while creating a distinctive design that is easy to add motion to.

  • Experimental Typography

You’ve probably observed what we’ve seen so far in this post that brand and graphic designers will get creative and experimental with typography, violating all the rules of typefaces in search of new methods to play with word-based logos.

As a result, experimental typography will be a significant trend in logo design in 2022, with many firms utilising typography-based logos with varying letter heights, odd lines, inventive ornamental components, and a fresh letter disposition to generate a surprise effect while preserving logo legibility.

  • Geometric Shapes

If you’ve seen some of the most significant rebranding in the last year, you’ve noticed that firms like to simplify their logos and add geometric shapes into their brand logos to achieve a simple and clean look.

As a result, geometric forms will be a significant trend in logo design in 2022, with many firms opting for a more minimalist, neat, and discrete look for their brands employing circles, shapes, triangles, or lines in many creative ways to get a clean and simple visual identity using shape psychology.


  • Hand Drawn Logos

In 2022, logo designs should emphasise the authenticity over perfection. Organic logos that are hand-drawn deviate from modern aesthetics that value, clean, flawless lines and readability over all else.

The rough hand-drawn outlines and defects, on the other hand, appear more genuine and authentic. When you use this style of trendy logo, you’re portraying a humanistic image of your company to everybody who sees it. Furthermore, because people nowadays desire to associate with companies, having an authentic-feeling logo endears your organisation to those impulses.


In 2022, we will see many comebacks from various decades and their art styles with a modern twist, designers will take inspiration from the past and what has already worked in the past to incorporate it into our current days, designers and brands will go creative and experimental with typography and shapes, so free your creativity and get experimental with your next logo idea.

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